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Dedicated Server Hosting

InComIT Solution Dedicated servers are really dependable and are built to give you the highest level of uptime and performance. Choose pre-configured specification of your choice and get your server up and running in hour. Payment options are monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually (ensuring maximum saving). You can also bundle the servers with advanced add-on’s like managed services, monitoring, security, load balancing, backup, etc. to get better redundancy and uptime.

When you rent a dedicated server, you may use the complete hardware performance and server connection of your rented server system. Because of this undivided server performance, a dedicated server is your choice for all ambitious and professional projects.

Typical applications ideal for dedicated servers include resource intensive web projects, websites with lots of database queries, and dynamic websites, as well as streaming and download portals.

For large, dynamic and performance-hungry web projects, however, we recommend that you select a dedicated server. Our dedicated servers offer you more power, the full performance of the server hardware, and a high transfer volume.