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Data Connectivity

In the broad range of domestic data connectivity InComIT Solution has categorized the services as dedicated private circuit and shared internet cloud differentiated at logical level. All the services are associated with well-defined service level agreements to ensure the delivery of committed service.

Domestic data service list includes:
Domestic Leased Circuit
Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) service
Domestic Leased Circuit
  • Secure and reliable leased circuit for integrated data and voice traffic.
  • Redundancy is ensured by robust Infrastructure of SDH ring.
  • Guaranteed security and speed are ensured by dedicated connectivity making it convenient for real time data transmission.
  • Customized Service Level Agreement available for each service
  • 24x7 support services ensure seamless connectivity and smooth operation of business.

Domestic Leased Circuit Domestic leased circuit is a secure data connectivity to transmit sensitive information across many offices of a business operation located in different places within the country, as well as for businesses running time critical applications and transactions. This protected service ensures reliable connectivity for integrated data and voice traffic as well as high quality media streaming. The connectivity can be configured as point to point or point to multipoint manner. InComIT has a nationwide robust SDH (Synchronous Digital hierarchy) infrastructure to support its customers with high service availability and dedicated bandwidth. This domestic leased circuit is backed by a private access solution to ensure end to end secure data transmission.